Plan a Heartfelt Gift and Begin a Legacy

Planned giving offers a special way to leave a lasting and meaningful gift.

Through the goodwill of our planned-giving donors, the retirement needs of our Sisters are ensured and their life-giving ministry can be passed on to younger women entering the Congregations we serve.

In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus talks about the spiritual discipline of giving and how our hearts follow our money. He teaches that what we give our money to becomes an indicator of what we truly value:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.”

May your heart be tender for the retirement needs of our aging Sisters. Adding the Foundation for Religious Retirement to your will is a wonderful and lasting gift to the Sisters.

Begin your legacy today.

Please let us know of your intentions or allow us to answer any questions. Use the form below or call Executive Director, Jan Parrott at (414) 744-1160.

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